GOODINWATER a subsidiary company of Good In Company

Social Investment and Development Think Tank

It is a Cause Based Beverage Solutions Consulting Group and affiliated brand of water.
Good In Water, is uses the CSI Blue Strategy which is marketing innovation Driving Social Innovation.

GOODINWATER offers a high quality beverage service and distribution strategy with a revolutionary approach in community socio-economic development all around clean water and water technology.

GOODINWATER’s approach includes strategic distribution to the neediest and vulnerable in rural areas starting with the Diepsloot community, Gauteng.
These activities will also provide multiple quality stakeholders with high level exposure in public relations and networking for good causes. Additionally, we employ a collaborative development strategy and work with existing organizations in order to provide not only efficiency and effectiveness for funding, but transparency and accountability.

The innovation and strategy for GOODINWATER's CSI Blue offering generated from Good In Company.

Good InC.'s practical methods allow for free business trade, within the ecosystem of associates and organizations, who in principle agree to "profit pledge" a portion of net commissions to select noble causes.
A requirement for participations is a sincere desire to promote smart business and philanthropic activities that have a meaningful and measurable social impact as a by-product, in addition to following "Principles for Social Responsible Investment."

As a guide to this end, we employ a Goodness Index in all business activities which run under the company banner.

Ray Goodell
Business & Anthropology
Executive, Program Developer

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The Good In Company

Our purpose is to design, develop and promote impact investing business initiatives on our unique partner network, thereby providing the most innovative and cost effective solutions for the Socio-Industrial Complex in the areas of Health, Education and Economic Growth and sustainability.

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Should you require any information regarding our service offering, feel free to contact us at the following numbers.

Address: 22, Scott Street Waverley, JHB
Telephone: + 27(11) 885-2967
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